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How Can I Convert A Warehouse Into An Office?

    Traditional office space often comes at a premium price, and it can be difficult to find one that works specifically for your business or needs. With this in mind, undertaking a warehouse conversion project could prove to be the most beneficial option. In this article, we’re going to explain more about converting a warehouse into an office space and how you can do it.

    Converting Your Warehouse into an Office Space  

    Warehouse spaces are great because they’re big and essentially form a blank canvas for you to convert into whatever type of office space you need. In addition, they tend to have high ceilings which makes the space feel airy and big, unlike many office spaces that can feel cramped.

    If you’re struggling to find a suitable office solution for your needs in terms of space or location, or if you need an office space close to a manufacturing unit so the two sections of your team can work in unison, converting a warehouse into an office space could be an ideal solution.

    Planning your Warehouse Conversion

    Planning a warehouse conversion as a property owner requires a few main thought points, primarily starting with what your goals are. Think about whether it’s important for you to have offices, or whether the value of the property will decrease if you undertake a conversion.

    You also need to think about resale/leasing opportunities. If your property is in a heavy manufacturing area, you might struggle to sell or lease the property once you’re ready, leaving you with a bigger problem further down the line. However, if a few people nearby have already begun converting the space, you can stand to make a profit by following suit.

    Due to the size of warehouse properties and where they tend to be located, you also need to consider utilities and amenities. If there are little to no recreational spaces nearby, you’ll need to incorporate a staff room and a food preparation area, as well as thinking about parking and security.

    Make sure you consider your long-term plans and income before converting.

    Benefits of Converting Your Warehouse into an Office

    So, what are the benefits of a warehouse conversion? Well, the first one is that it’s cost-effective. As mentioned earlier, renting out an office space can be expensive; more so than a warehouse space, making a warehouse conversion a more economical investment in the long run.

    Another benefit is that warehouses tend to be big, so there’s plenty of space for conversion or adaption and you have far more creative freedom in that sense. You could even split one unit into several for maximum income in the long term.

    Finally, the main benefit you’ll notice is the scope for tailoring the space to your exact needs. High ceilings, large floorplans, and an effectively empty shell mean you can really customise the space to suit your precise requirements and make a space that works uniquely for your team.

    Warehouse Conversions with GB Interiors

    At GB Interiors, we are experts in warehouse conversion and refurbishments. If you’re looking for advice on planning or fit-outs, please call a member of our team today.

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