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Commercial Interior Installations in Leicester

Leicester ranks as the top performing city of the UK for the third time in a row. This city is thoroughly motivated by the growth in its working population and increase in the number of offices. GB interiors has thoroughly understood this change and is ready to serve the cause. GB interiors specialise in office glass partitions, suspended ceiling contractors, and refurbishment tools and services for commercial workspaces. Our specialised designs in Leicester are equipped to serve the needs of every office working space, be it a minor revamp or a complete makeover.

We, at GB Interiors, fully depend on our office refurbishment contractors. Our office fit out contractors and specialists go through rigorous training on a regular basis to keep up with the industry standards. Our refurbishment contractors are continuously updating themselves to serve nothing but the best to you.

The process begins even before the construction, our office fit out experts will provide a thorough survey of your office area and suggest the interiors that suit well to your demands and aesthetics. Our trustworthy and equipped specialists are ready to assist you throughout the installation process and even post that for maintenance to compete with the highest industry standards.

Leicester is ready for growth and so are we. We understand that refurbishing offices and workplaces can be a tedious and nerve-wrecking job but GB interiors is just a hand away from your office. Leave the hard work to us!

decorated partitioning and wood work

Office glass partitions in Leicester

Office glass partitions are transparent or semi-transparent dividers used to create separate spaces within an office environment. They enhance natural light, provide a sense of openness, and promote collaboration while maintaining acoustic privacy. These modern design elements contribute to a sleek and professional workspace, optimising both aesthetics and functionality.

Our bespoke office fit-outs in Leicester are crafted to align seamlessly with your company’s unique needs. Tailor every aspect, from materials and room dimensions to the colour of partition glass walls, ensuring harmony with your brand. We handle the entire construction process, delivering a meticulously designed office space. Renowned for reliability, we’re a trusted choice among Leicester’s office fit-out companies.

Suspended Ceilings Leicester

Suspended ceilings, also known as drop ceilings, are secondary ceilings hung below the main structural ceiling. Comprising a grid system and tiles or panels, they conceal utilities, enhance acoustics, and provide easy access for maintenance. Common in commercial and residential spaces, they offer a versatile and aesthetic solution for interior design.

GB Interiors offers various suspended ceiling tile choices, such as high-performance plasterboard and standard modular grid layout ceilings. A diverse selection of lighting options is also available to keep your space well-illuminated and vibrant.

Our suspended ceiling contractors are skilled in hanging a secondary ceiling below the main structural ceiling, creating a space for utilities, lighting, and air conditioning systems. They handle the design, installation, and sometimes repairs or modifications of suspended ceilings to meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements in Leicester.

Office fit out
Office fit out

Office partitioning; Leicester

Office partitioning involves creating divisions within a workspace using walls, screens, or panels to define separate areas for different purposes. These partitions enhance privacy, optimise space utilisation, and contribute to a more organised and functional office layout. 

At GB interiors, you can opt for single or double glazed alternatives, semi-glazed, single glazed, or fully glazed partitions, including acoustic and fire-resistant options. For customisation  you might add your newly selected glass doors to an already existing structure. Maintain brand cohesion with a variety of RAL colours for your glass partitioning. Our partition walls offer both permanence and demountable options, ensuring adaptability for diverse uses.

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