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Why You Should Opt For An Office Fit-Out

    A commercial fit-out includes all internal structures, electrics, furnishings, decorations and mechanical equipment needed to provide a fully working environment. The term is usually used to refurbish an existing space, but it can also be applied to new developments. 

    The scope of work for an office fit-out can vary considerably, from simply painting walls and installing new flooring to undertaking a complete strip-out of the existing space and starting from scratch. For a significant refurbishment project, it is usual for a project manager to be appointed to oversee the work. 

    Why Businesses Would Need A Office Fit-Out

    A commercial office fit-out can help to create a productive, efficient and attractive working environment. Businesses may need a fit-out for various reasons – to modernize an outdated interior, to accommodate changes in personnel or even to express the values and branding of the company.

    A good office fit-out should be tailored to the company’s individual needs, taking into account the number of employees, operational and health & safety requirements as well as any existing space constraints. Planning is essential to ensure that the fit-out meets all business objectives without compromising on interior design and functionality.

    There are several steps that need to be taken in order to quote a commercial fit-out, including:

    • Budgeting: Setting an initial budget for the project and identifying any potential savings.
    • Requirements gathering: Compiling a detailed list of the client’s requirements, such as furniture, partitions and other equipment needed.
    • Needs assessment: Assessing any existing space constraints, such as structural barriers or fire safety regulations.
    • Furniture selection: Choosing the right furniture and fittings to meet the client’s needs and budget.
    • Space planning: Considering the effective use of the space and how it can be maximized.

    The Different Types Of Office Fit-Outs

    Office fit-outs can be broadly classified into three categories – shell & core, category A, and category B:

    • Shell & core office fit-outs are usually undertaken by the landlord or developer of the property and include provisions for basic infrastructure such as electricity, plumbing, and lifts.
    • Category A office fit-outs are typically more refined and include fixtures and fittings such as partitions, carpets, and light fittings.
    • Category B office fit-outs are the most comprehensive and can include bespoke furniture, artwork, and branding. Businesses often opt for a category B office fit-out in order to create a unique and memorable working environment that reflects their brand identity.

    Office Fit-Out With GB Interiors

    At GB Interiors, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of commercial fit-out solutions to suit every need.

    From small businesses to large corporations, we have a solution that will perfectly suit your space and budget. To ensure a perfect fit, we take into account all aspects of your business, from the number of employees to the type of work being undertaken. We also work closely with you to ensure that the finished product perfectly reflects your company’s image and brand.
    Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern interior design or something more traditional, we can create an office fit-out that perfectly meets your needs. So if you’re looking for an office fit-out solution, contact us today.

    Furnished and stylished interior office design for Category B OfficeFit-Out